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Sailing for Glory

Sailing can be a very worthwhile and rewarding hobby, but it's all about winning for some people. They enjoy the competitive aspect of the sport and seek to enter as many events as possible and claim victory. Depending on the type of sailing vessel, competitions can be found worldwide throughout the year. These events will either comprise of a race around a specific course marked out by buoys, or they can be across open water, racing from one point to another.

For Professionals

A sailor who is world-class and at the top of their game should be aiming for participation in the Olympic Games, World Championships, and the World Cup Series. These are prestigious events that have strict qualification requirements.

Young Sailors

Even for youngsters, there is no shortage of competitions to enter. These include the Youth World Series, the Youth Olympic Games, and the Youth Match Worlds. Many well-known sailing champions started in the youth divisions, such as Ben Ainslie.

Amateur Sailors

Those individuals who enjoy competitive sailing but are not yet in the professional leagues can still find plenty of regattas to enjoy. Races today fall under different categories such as offshore, around the world, ocean, or inshore. Amateur sailors will find many events to compete in within these categories.

Modern sailing competitions adhere to The Racing Rules of Sailing, initially established in 1928. As they are somewhat complex, potential competitors are advised to ensure they fully understand them.