New Principle Race Officer

By 15 February 2016News

This year the Delta Lloyd Regatta will be held from 24 until 28 May in the City of Medemblik (The Netherlands). In this interview/ newsfeed the new Principle Race Officer, Remco de Goederen, tells more about his role at the Delta Lloyd Regatta 2016. He is responsible for the quality of the races, the Race Committee and the sailing technical points.

 Communication is the key to quality!

It is a new experience to be the officer of the Regatta and that will give opportunities and new goals. One of my goals is to improve the connection between the sailors and the organization. In the past the coaches were the transmitters between those two. I’d like to be in close contact with the sailors more often. Another goal is to offer the sailors the best quality in all the matches. A crucial part in this process are the many hard working volunteers. The fact so many volunteers can organize a consistent event is the best part of this Regatta. I like working with this great group of people and having fun!

The biggest challenge for me is to translate the questions and needs of the different sailors to a suitable solution. As you can understand, a Paralympic sailor needs a very different approach as a Nacra17 sailor. That’s why my job is always interesting.Meanwhile, I have been involved in the Delta Lloyd Regatta for many years.  Since 2007 I am active in the Race Committee for the skiff classes, 49’er and 470.

But before that function I was involved in this great event for many years. As I was a little kid, my father already was around the event. I always liked being on-site too. It is rather funny, because now this is repeating itself. Now my son is joining the event if he’s able to.

The Delta Lloyd Regatta 2016 hopefully brings beautiful weather, a lot of sun, as well as a competing wind (12 – 14 knots) and the direction southeast. But unfortunately we have no influence in this matter.

I think this year we have special attention to quality for all the matches and we have to integrate the Para World Sailing Chamionships. The sailors as well as our organisation have the same goals and have the same feeling about our beautiful sport of sailing!

It is to all of us to work on this together!