49erFX will be an open class

By 20 January 201749er, 49erFX, All news, Frontslider, News

The Delta Lloyd Regatta and the international 49er class have decided to offer the 49erFX sailors the opportunity to sail in an open class. This means all genders and mixed sailors are able to participate in the 2017 event. 

Development of 49erFX class

It all comes down to the bigger picture for the event organization; innovation. Every year the Regatta is looking for ways to innovate the sport of sailing. The event is also a moment to test some of the latest developments in the sport, which can be beneficiary for international class organizations and World Sailing, which we are in close contact with. The event is a platform to constructively work together on the future of sailing. In most recent editions, Moth sailing, Kitesurfing and other test classes were added to the event.

Ben Remocker, class manager 49er: “The FX is fast becoming the go to boat for nations to put all their high performance sailors into from the ages of 16-21. It is fast, fun, and a huge challenge, yet manageable for sailors transitioning from Youth to Senior Racing.  Using a single boat allows nations to form squads, pushing each other to greater heights, and then teams will move on from there to the Nacra 17, 49er, or stay in the FX.  Having a quality regatta like Delta Lloyd Regatta on the calendar gives these squads and sailors something to shoot for!

Chairman of the Delta Lloyd Regatta, Ferdi Merks: “After several discussions with the international 49er class we are happy to announce this change to the 49erFX formula and hope to welcome the most talented 49erFX sailors from around the world.” Want to participate in this world class event? Register for the Delta Lloyd Regatta here.